Highly efficient input, printing, and tape cutting

  • PC-connectable (via USB)
  • Printing speed of 20mm/sec
  • Auto cutter with half-cut function


PC Connectable (USB)

Introduces the Pc connectable feature of the new Label It KL-G2.

Layout capabilities

PC Font Printing

Multiple Languages

PC software operating environment

Microsoft ® Windows ® 10 / Windows ® 8 / Windows ® 7 / Windows Vista ®
• At least 1 GB of memory (512 MB minimum for XP)
• USB port as standard equipment
• CD drive (for installation)

Printing speed of 20mm/sec (twice the previous speed)

Twice the printing speed of previous models with no loss of printing quality.
Increases work efficiency by reducing label production time!

* Compared to the CASIO KL-7400, when using the AC adaptor.

Auto cutter with half-cut function

A built-in auto cutter with half-cut function slits only the label for easy removal from the backing paper. This comes in handy when printing large numbers of labels or using the consecutive number printing function.

1 The backing paper is not cut.
2 Slit

Available tape widths

Prints up to 8 lines (24 or 18mm tape)

The ability to print up to 8 lines means you can
create labels with loads of information.


8-language message switching

English / Spanish / German / French
Italian / Portuguese / Swedish / Indonesian


The consecutive number printing function comes in handy when you’re producing large numbers of labels.

* Numbering from 0 to 99999

* You can print up to 100 numbered labels per print operation.

Barcode printing for your business

Prints barcodes for efficient merchandise control.
Barcode printing

• GS1-128 (EAN-128) *
• CODE128 *
• GS1 Databar *
• QR Code *
• PDF417 *
• Data Matrix *
*Printing via PC connection only

• CODE39


Large 4-line, 16-digit backlit LCD

1 4 lines
2 16 digits

*Input area: 3 lines

8 installed fonts

Illustrations and Symbols




60 Designed Logo printing

A selection of 60 complete built-in label designs combining frequently used words with illustrations.

* Available in 8 languages (English / Spanish / German / French / Italian / Swedish / Portuguese / Indonesian)

Enlarged printing

Make large labels easily by printing labels and attaching them together to make the message stand out.

* 12mm or wider tape (top and bottom margin left if using 18 or 24mm tape)

Expanded printing

Index labels

Index labels make for easy-to-understand organisation of documents. The information you are looking for will be identifiable at a glance.

* 24mm tape only

Index labels

Time stamp

Place time stamps on documents requiring management by date. The data can be input at the touch of a button.

Time stamp


At hospitals & pharmacies


At offices


At construction sites

 At construction sites

At plants and warehouses

 At plants and warehouses